Introducing the world’s first autopilot fishing drone kontiki

The AeroKontiki is the world’s first, most advanced and powerful fishing drone used to cast a 25 hook baited long line up to 1200 meters out to sea. After delivering the baits, it uses a sophisticated autopilot system that returns to its takeoff location.

Benefits of Drone Fishing with Aerokontiki

Aerokontiki Drones are purpose built for fishing. Engineered to be tough and safe, our drones can carry a total dead weight of 4 kg, handle 35km/h winds, and boast a multitute of safety features to ensure its safe return to you. Perfect for fishermen with physical disabilities, RV’s, motor homes, camper vans, fishing kites and, kontikis’.

Reach the best fishing spots previously not accessible when beach fishing, or cast a long line with ease with Aerokontiki.


Built with an intuitive flight controller, telemetry, and GPS that enables you to fly like a Pro, and release bait precisely where you want.


Only 5 minutes to cast and return to base automatically . No calibration needed.


Deploy in very rough sea conditions, and strong breezes without entering the water.


Unique fishing drone that can cast a set line with 25 baited hooks and 32 oz sinkers, 1200 m out to sea.


Weighs only 3.0 kg


No drone flying experience needed and ideal for those new to beach fishing.

Tough Carbon Fibre Construction

Support straight from the Developer

  • When you purchase your AeroKontiki, we welcome the beginning of a new relationship, and offer ongoing, personalized customer service to meet your needs.
  • Upon purchase, you automatically join the AeroKontiki Community, where you will have direct access to newsletters, local users, knowledge sharing, updates, and any other assistance as and when needed.
  • Personal one-on-one flight training, as well as access to training videos are provided as an added benefit.

Effective fishing with great results

  • Greatly improve the chances of a catch by delivering 16 – 25 hooks with fresh juicy baits and burley up to 1200 m out to sea, without getting your feet wet.
  • Pull in the whole catch using a powerful electric game reel, powered by a LiPo battery mounted right on the rod.
  • This provides much more flexibility of movement than using a car battery to power your game reel.

Customised Canopy

Choice of Colors & Style


  • Personalise your AeroKontiki by requesting a canopy to suit your preferred style, theme, and colour.
  • Using the highest standard and quality airbrushed automotive paint.

How It Works

1. Attach a mono leader line with 25 traces & 2 sinkers (max 2.5 kg in total) to an electric game reel spooled with sinking braid.

2. Loop the other end of the leader line to the release mechanism of the AeroKontiki.

3. Fly the AeroKontiki as far as you can see it, 800 m – 1200 m out to sea, and drop the baited line into the water.

4. Using GPS, the AeroKontiki will automatically return and land right on the spot it took off from.

5. Sit back and relax beside your fishing rod and drone, until you are ready to haul in your catch (normally within 30 minutes)

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